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Virtual Office

Having an online business address enables you to show customers your presence in the Netherlands. You can showcase the address on your website, while also complying with the statutory regulations in the Netherlands.

Company Address

Having a Dutch business means you will have a physical company address. This address enables you to receive post and will make it possible to hold meetings at the venue. You can book meeting rooms through our online booking system and you can add post services in the order form.

Available Meeting Rooms

Our poses the possibility for you to host business events, have meetings, and organize your annual shareholders meetings. Greenfield hosts a bar, several meeting rooms, and a beautiful landscape. A meeting room or a business event can be booked here.

Internet Access

Greenfield provides unlimited internet access to you and all your clients. This enables you to always be connected and access all the files you need in order to work.

Flexible Location for your Business Meetings

Dennis Vermeulen has years of experience in the field of company establishment in the Netherlands. In all these years, a vast network of business centers has been created which gives you the opportunity to find the right locations as soon as you are ready to further grow within the Dutch market and want to expand your office locations. Furthermore, we have access to partners providing solutions for meetings wherever and whenever you need.

Strictly Reputable Companies/Members

Entering a new market comes with many challenges. Especially in the starting period it is difficult to find the right partner for your specific needs. You will gain access to an exclusive network of partners which you can collaborate with to grow even faster in the first 24 months of establishment in the Netherlands.

Certified & Experienced in WWFT regulation

To maintain financial integrity the Dutch government has established the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (WWFT). This regulation stipulates that businesses from a wide variety of industries have to be screened before being accepted as a client. Due to the level of experience and expertise within the team this process will be smooth and easy and will ensure a high quality of the network connected to Greenfield.

International Business Environment

Greenfield has experience assisting companies with business addresses and additional services with over 200 customers. These companies are originated all over the world providing an international environment to work in. Furthermore, INCO Business Group is located in the business hotspot as well, with many international clients and employees.

Rental Agreement within 24 hours

When establishing in the Netherlands it sometimes comes as an surprise that the Dutch government has statutory regulations. Before establishing your BV you need to have an address, which we can provide you within 24 hours. This will ensure you can establish your company quickly and smoothly without the hassle of a long process of obtaining a business address.

Having a business address is a mandatory activity by Dutch law. Greenfield offers a solution to quickly and sufficiently establish a Dutch registered office. The registered office address has common working spaces with several services which will ensure you comply with both WWFT regulations and statutory regulations.

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