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At Greenfield you can not only register your business. It is also possible to organize events, meetings, and obtain more information about establishing your business in the Netherlands.

The start-up consult with one of the team members of Greenfield will determine what service will be applicable for you. Greenfield will be able to connect you to the right partner in our network to make sure you have everything you need to become a success in the Dutch business environment.

Greenfield has the availability of a bar area which is perfect to host club meetings or to have a monthly gathering with your colleagues. The bar area also has the availability of presentation facilities, which makes it perfect to host annual shareholders meetings.

Additionally, Greenfield has several  meeting rooms. These meeting rooms are perfect to meet clients, partners, and to have meetings with your team. If you want more information on these services before booking, please contact us!

Our Services

  • The best location for your meetings!

    1 hr

    150 euros
  • The best location for your meetings!

    1 hr

    40 euros
  • Find out what we can do for your establishment in the Netherlands!

    1 hr


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Stichting Internationaal Zakendoen

Laanzichtweg 60-B

4748 SJ, Breda


Tel: +31 (0) 76 23 000 07


Chamber of Commerce no. 52729656

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