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What is Greenfield?

Greenfield Netherlands is ideally located in the heart of the Benelux, only 35 minutes from Rotterdam and Antwerp, and 1 hour from Amsterdam and Brussels. Dusseldorf is 1 hour and 40 minutes away. Due to this central location it is very easy for your clients to reach your Dutch office.

Our team has assisted over 200 global entrepreneurs and multinationals to access the Dutch market. Greenfield Netherlands now provides all office facilities to legally establish your company in Netherlands, and keep it in good standing. 

Once you are an established entrepreneur in Netherlands, our bar, cinema, or meeting rooms provide excellent facilities for shareholders meeting, team meetings, or your business club events. You can learn more about the advantages of using our services here.


Our Services

Registered Office

Legally locate your office at Greenfield to comply with the Dutch statutory regulations, while being located at a beautiful venue.



Comply with local statutory regulations

Company Address

Unlimited Internet Access

Expertise in WWFT Regulations

Strictly Reputable Companies/Members

Virtual Office

Available Meeting Rooms

Host business meetings or club events at our stunning bar area or one of our meeting rooms.



Organise an event at our amazing venue!

Bar Area

Meeting Rooms


Unlimited Internet Access

Starting at

Business & Club Meetings

Virtual Office

Company Address

Available Meeting Rooms

Unlimited Internet Access

Have a fully fledged office specifically dedicated to you with full access during office hours.



Office Address

Office Facilities

Annual Shareholders Meeting

Unlimited Internet Access

Available Meetings Rooms

Offices & Workspaces

Have a personal fully fledged office in a international environment 


Dedicated Office Space

Strictly Reputable Companies/Members

Expertise in WWFT Regulations

Establishing a Dutch Company


Greenfield will be part of the establishment of your company in the Netherlands in the early stages of the process. Without obtaining a Dutch business address you will not be able to proceed with establishing a Dutch company.

Are you interested in what we, or one of our partners, can do for you in the whole process of company establishment, plan a start-up consult and find out your opportunities!


Our Team

Wilma van Herk


Wilma van Herk has been closely involved in the process of company establishment in the Netherlands. Therefore, she has expertise in assisting businesses to quickly establish an address and understands the challenges businesses face in the Netherlands.

With her help you can be sure your business is registered quickly and efficiently!

Our Partners


We have collaborated with Flexado for over 5 years. Flexado has assisted establishing over 300 business addresses throughout the Netherlands.

Flexado provides flexible solutions for meetings at over 180 locations. This will enable you to organize a meeting wherever and whenever you want.

The Estate


In 1790 the foundations of the estate were being built. After 80 years the building was renovated and expanded to the building you see today. At this location, the building functioned as a monastery and has been owned by a sisterhood, providing shelter for orphans and other troubled children after the second world war. In 1955 architect Frans Mol designed 8 pavilions dispersed over the estate to house the children. In 2002 foundation Zuidwester bought the estate and demolished 6 of the 8 buildings and re-purposed the estate to family housing.

Since 1860 the face of the building has been embellished by a beautiful Tilia tree which forms the center of attention of the main building.

Nowadays the building has been fully renovated into a multi-functional location. The area now facilitates offices, living area, a bar area, meeting rooms, and an estate measuring over 42,000 square meters.

The office is located close to Breda with its vibrant city center and located next to the golftracks 'De Haenen'. During your breaks it is possible to enjoy the forest filled surroundings of the office.


Available Meeting Rooms

Contact Information

Stichting Internationaal Zakendoen

Laanzichtweg 60-B

4748 SJ, Breda


Tel: +31 (0) 76 23 000 07


Chamber of Commerce no. 52729656

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Front view of the office location